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So, I ran my second race today. It was a BIG race in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It took 9 minutes for the pack to cross the start line...thousands of people!!! They combined the 10K, Jenn's first (my bff) and the 1/2 marathon so there were some slower people from the 10K that I was kinda tripping over for the first 5 miles, but then they turned off to go to the finish and we were free to find room to find our pace. It was a beautiful day!!! 60-70's during the 2 hour run and I carried all my water and gels and gummies on my belt so that I never had to stop. That turned out awesome! I was surprised at how few people had water on them...just a few of us on a hot day, weird? I'd rather have it when I want it than when they have the water stations. We had truck issues with Brian's truck so we lost a couple of hours, going back home to get my truck. We finally got to sleep around 2 am, got up at 6:30am and thankfully had no trouble with the 9 am race start. I really wanted to get in under 2 hours for this one...I don't know why? so, get this...1:59:59, hahahaha! I was second in my AG and I get a prize T-shirt in addition to my shirt for entering and my metal, WHOOHOO!!! 49 to go!

PS: Jenn finished her first 10K in 70 minutes, no problems, no worries! THAT'S MY GIRL!!!

PPS: Best spectator sign..."WORST PARADE EVER" LOL!!!

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