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Holy crap today was hard!!! This is the first trail run that I have done in my quest and it will likely be my last! I have dry eye and the longer that I am outside and exerting myself, the poorer my vision becomes and with that being said a hilly, turned filled, single track race with tiny little pink ribbons on trees in the woods and lots of stuff to trip over is way too difficult for me to navigate without falling on my face...oh wait... I did that!!! I tripped a dozen times and did a full on FACEPLANT once!!! Somehow I managed one tiny scrape on my right elbow and picked my muddy self up and kepT going! I finished in just over 2 1/2 hours, but this wasn't a chipped race and I got lost, twice, again because of the vision issue and not being able to see the ribbons in the trees. This wasn't my favorite race, but it taught me that I am still pretty friggin' tough! Lots of people that were signed up for the 1/2 didn't do it and pulled up at a 5K, 10K, or 10 mile...Brian was at the finish line (boyfriend) and heard them telling the timing guy that they were cutting it short because it was tough. I finished, it wasn't pretty but I finished!!! As I crossed the finish line I turned to Brian and Jenn (who ran a 5K, YEAH!!!) and said, "that was ten levels of hell". 2:33:53, 2nd in AG, 60th of

80 runners, 12 trips, lost X2, 1 faceplant, no medal...PRICELESS!!!

PS: I made my medal out of my first Starbuck's lid after the race, SO THERE, INDIANA!!!

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