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Today, Michigan!!! This was the inaugural race for the Lions of Michigan, "Eye Care, Do You?" 5K, 8K and 1/2 marathon. We drove out yesterday early and were able to find our motel pretty easily. It was me, Brian and Jenn! We found our hotel pretty easily and drove an hour further up the crease of the Michigan mitten to the race start to pick up our packets. We found the organizers hanging around and found also that there would be a small turnout and that only the first 5 overall finishers, male and female would be getting medals. Listen up race organizers. When you run a 1/2 marathon and complete it, you should get a medal, no matter how long it takes you. Got it!!! So, I put it in my mind that I needed to be top five. It was a double loop with 4 water stations, so 8 all together and at 70 at the start of the race, and humid by the lake, I was sure that I would drink all my water that I carry and pour water station water over my head. I finished the first loop with no trouble, even passed Jenn and got a high five, but I couldn't remember how many women were in front of me, so the second half of the race I tried to pass women. I passed 3 and that was enough. I came in as the 5th woman, 8th overall, 01:52:33, 8:36 pace, and of course, 2nd in my AG!!! BTW, best time ever! And, on that note, I'm taking off the month of July to let my body heal and I'll run Illinois in the end of August! One more done!

PS: It was hot, but Jenn finished too!!!

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