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I believe this will be the last race that I do after a week long vacation on a cruise ship eating rich foods and drinking!!! Brian and I took a cruise with Chuck and Beth (Brian's friends from college), Mark and Sue (their friends) and Doug and Cheryl (Brian's brother and his wife). We went to Cozumel, Roatan and Belize, it was beautiful, it was sedentary, it was restful and it was not a good pre-race routine! I had tried to do training on the ship, but on the Friday before this Sunday race, I ran stairs because the weather was unsuitable for running on the Promenade deck and I HATE TREADMILLS!!! My legs were sore and remained sore the night before the race from the stairs. That, coupled with my recently broken rib (horse play on Brian's horse - don't ask) plagued me the whole race. Brian and I had dinner with Chuck and Beth's son, Little B (also a Brian) and we ate seafood the night before with corn on the cob and though I didn't eat a lot, I wasn't hungry. I had been drinking lots of water on vacation, but perhaps I didn't drink enough the night before the race. I'm not sure what happened, but my legs hurt the whole race (quads). My quads never hurt and then at about mile 7, the muscles felt like they were locked up and I didn't feel like I could take a full stride or increase my speed at all. So...I just took it easy and decided to go with one motto...keep running!!! I didn't stop, I didn't walk and I certainly didn't break any speed records!!! I finished 02:01:23, 7 of 87 in my AG, 177 of 751 overall. No prize, but I had the satisfaction of knowing that even feeling crappy with super sore legs and a nagging rib ache, I finished another state! The weather was really odd of Texas too, it was 47 at the start of the race, of course, all I brought were shorts and a T-shirt, I don't think temperature was the issue but it may have added to the perfect storm of doesn't matter...the next states is Kansas in 13 days!

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