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I know it doesn't seem possible, but there are times when running can be lonely. Utah, the last race, was pretty lonely because we were all up at the top of the mountain (actually 1/2 way up, those poor marathoners were up at the top!) for 2.5 hours. We were all waiting, nervously, for the race to begin and until I found Jennifer, from one would talk to me...and I wore deodorant!!! This morning, I got a text from my sister, Peggy, something snapped in her head and she decided that she needs to run with me in Oklahoma and she was filling out her registration as we spoke!!! I'm sooooo happyyyyyyy!!!! If you recall, Peggy and I ran together in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and HAD A BLAST!!! I had heard from Mom and Dad last week and they jokingly said they are going to join us for this race, well with Peggy there, THEY HAVE TO!!! And...Peggy's 2nd son has voiced interest, so I sent him all the pertinent travel plans and then Susan texted me to share some information on a super secret project that we are all working on and I invited her! This, my friends, could be a serious Johnson Family All Play!!! I love that idea, because, you all know, I have the greatest coach and number one fan in the world, my husband, Brian...and he is a patient man, standing around alone, waiting for me to finish running. Now...he has a posse and we (the runners) have FANS!!! Below, Peggy and I, last December, after running her first, my 34th 1/2 marathon!

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