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RACING ON everything in 2020

A lot of you know that I've made a big dent in the 50 state 1/2 marathon challenge...but...CORONAVIRUS has derailed most of my races for 2020. All is not lost...I will continue the challenge but unless there is a quick act of God, or I win the lottery, I won't reach my goal of finishing all 50 states before my 60th birthday. With only a couple of weeks to spare in my original plan for finishing in 2022, I must admit, I was on pretty shaky ground to finish it anyway! It was a random goal anyway, so, stay tuned and I'll keep you updated on the progress. In the meantime, be smart, be safe and be vigilant out there. This is not a political disease, it is a viral disease and it will kill you if you are compromised...don't take chances!!!

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