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Finally, I booked my Vermont Half Marathon, September 11, 2021!!! And...My Sister Peggy is going to join me! Take that Covid!!! So, now I just have to patiently wait for 6 months...FAST FORWARD 6 MONTHS...except that Peggy and I decided to defer this race because I was struggling with some left lower abdominal back and stomach pain and Peggy was finding it hard to get her mileage up due to fatigue (with older runner's the struggle is real). We are serious, we will do it next year!!! But for now I am hoping to run New Mexico in early May 2022, Oregon in late June 2022 and Vermont in mid-September 2022. I have to be completely transparent, I have not felt like I could board a plane and fly anywhere because of Covid-19. I have patients that I have to concern myself with, I can't go running around getting exposed and bring it back to them! Ironically, the day that I would have flown to Vermont, it was the ONLY state that wasn't flag by the state of Illinois as a mandatory 10 quarantine upon return.


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