About the Office Staff

Dr. Joan M. Johnson DC
      Chiropractic Physician
National College of Chiropractic

As a child, she suffered with migraine headaches.  She missed entire days from school from age five on.  As a teen, traditional medicine failed to improve her symptoms.  In college, after several specialist couldn't make a difference she tried chiropractic care and within three weeks she was seeing improvement for the first time in her life.  Six months later she graduated from Hood College with her bachelors in Biology and was enrolled in National College of Chiropractic in Lombard Illinois to start her own journey spurred on by her successful treatment.

Diana grew up in this Chain of Lake town of Antioch, though she moved away to the South to raise her kids, she returned to be near her family and has worked for AFC for almost the entire life of the practice.  She has the skills of knowing what people want in a schedule, yet keeps it all professional.  Her nurturing and kind personality make her a great care giver and the doctors right-hand in patient care.  She has a ton of experience with patients in pain and the ins and outs of insurance.

Diana Engquist

Office Manager



Stacey Russo
Patient Care Coordinator
Stacey has a background in elementary education but was looking for something challenging and we came along!  She is a wife and mother of four with a ton of energy and a vision of organization for the office.  We love her infectious laugh and positivity.  She is a fantastic and a welcomed addition to the AFC family.  She fits perfectly with our motto of over-the-top patient care.