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Treatments Available at AFC

Chiropractic Adjustment

This treatment is delivered by the doctor.  It is a high velocity, low amplitude movement that corrects misallignments when applied in proper orientation to the joints involved.  Some adjustments are given to the spine, some to pelvis, some to the extremeties (arms and legs).  It is painless most of the time and eases pain almost always.  Chinese medicine, which is 8000 years old, believes that these adjustments help open the channels of energy in the body so that they flow better and enhance overall health.  We believe that something 8000 years old wouldn't still be in use if it didn't work!!!


Therapeutic Massage
AFC employs two massage therapists, check them out on our "about massage" page.  Each therapist is a licensed massage therapist in the State of Illinois.  As with any "artist" they have varying styles.  The doctor advises that you let her know what you are looking for in a massage so that she may connect you with the best therapist for your needs.  Massage can be enormously useful in the treatment of many physical complaints today.  It is important to note that some insurance may even pay for some or all of the treatment!!!


EMS - electromuscular stimulation

This simple electrical impulse can temporarily ease pain caused by muscles that spasm and compress nerves between their fibers.  It is most often used in conjunction with intersegmental traction as a way to ease the pain and loosen the region that is fixated so that the doctor can manipulate more easily and ease your pain more quickly.  Try it!


Hot Stone Massage
A safe treatment using warmed stones to enhance traditional therapeutic massage, it has been around since ancient Egypt, but more popular recently because the stones act as a natural relaxant, increasing healing through improved blood flow.  Tendons, muscle and ligaments loosen with greater ease increasing range of motion and making the massage experience that much more beneficial. 
Intersegmental traction

Oh yeah, the roller table!!!  We love this table, it helps relax and loosen up the muscles, it is an extremely popular item at AFC.  We love our patients so much that we don't even charge for it!!!  Enjoy!!!




Rates - Chiropractic Treatment


NEW PATIENT EXAMINATION & TREATMENT:  45 mins -1 hour - $110.oo

  • History

  • Vitals

  •  Examination

  • Orthopedic testing

  • Therapy like EMS & intersegmental traction

  • Plan for course of treatment

  •  Recommendations: like massage, advanced imaging, referral as needed


Follow-Up Treatments: 15-20 minutes - $65.oo ($45.oo w/o EMS)

  •     EMS

  •     Intersegmental traction

  •    Chiropractic manipulation

  •     Free samples of pain management gels (as needed)

Her professionalism and compassion for her work is what every physician in any field should strive for...

Greg D.

Jeff M.

Doc J treats you as a friend not a number. I give you my word, you will not be disappointed.

Rates - Massage Therapy


  • ONE HOUR MASSAGE - $80.oo

  • 30 MINUTE MASSAGE - $55.oo

  • HOT STONE MASSAGE - $90.oo




Wow, that's a good price!!!

Battlefield Acupuncture
  • Uses specific acupuncture points in the ears, 

  • studied and employed extensive in the VA to treat veteran’s for:

  • pain,

  • stiffness,

  • insomnia,

  • mild depression & anxiety,

  • PTSD & TBI

  • tiny needles are inserted and remain in the ears for 2–7 days. 

  • Sessions use 1 to 5 tiny needles per ear and take anywhere from 5 minutes to 15 minutes to insert and fine tune. 

  • The cost is $40 per session.

YouTube videos about BFA:

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